Les règles d'or pour être belle un lendemain de fête

The golden rules to be beautiful the day after a party

Champagne, salmon, foie gras, cakes… I admire those who can resist. And if like me, we have zero will, we end up with a difficult tomorrow. Some tips to avoid adorable pimples, dull complexion and tired features after the holidays?

1. We start by purifying our body

Objective: restore the body's energy and vitality!
A little fresh air would do the greatest good to oxygenate the lungs: a walk in the forest, or somewhere without too much pollution. If you have acute flemmingitis, you can always be satisfied with eliminating toxins by slightly modifying your plate. Drinking organic lemon juice in a glass of warm water allows the body to purify and rehydrate itself. Lemon helps digestion and helps reboost the liver (you owe it that, right?), it is a natural purifier. Remember to drink plenty of water to stay alive: 1.5L to compensate for dehydration caused by alcohol. You can add herbal teas during the day (black tea, green tea for example), a little more fruit and vegetables help detoxify and cleanse your body.
A little something extra, treat yourself to cocooning moments: a book, a blanket, a scented candle for an optimal moment of relaxation. A good night's sleep is yours.


2. Sexy and shiny make-up: take everything off

An essential step in your post-holiday detox routine. If you wear make-up (or not!), use a make-up remover oil or foam to gently and thoroughly cleanse your skin. We will be able to immediately soothe and protect the face in order to limit the damage. Be careful to choose the right product in line with your skin type (normal, dry, combination, oily or sensitive). Even if you don't wear makeup, you have to wash your face to get rid of pollution or other bacteria accumulated during the day. In the morning, it is also good, we avoid the increase of sebum secretions and we open the pores so that the morning routine is more effective.


3. A little scrub?

Don't panic, it's not every day. Once or twice a week, and we say goodbye to impurities. Exfoliation is a highly recommended step to deeply cleanse your skin and release accumulated toxins. This makes skin care more effective. Once again, choose the product best suited to your skin type for gentle action. You can end the step with a mask to give a shot of vitamins, and thus regain your unified and detoxified complexion.


4. We hydrate, we hydrate, we hydrate!

Already essential all year round, it’s even more essential after the holidays. In addition, it is winter, it is an additional reason to prevent the skin from drying out. A day cream restores a pleasant feeling of comfort, protects the epidermis and boosts cell regeneration.
A little extra for the bravest: you can apply an eye contour cream to activate blood microcirculation and prevent dark circles, and fight against the signs of aging. If you have puffiness (yes, you need to sleep more!), it is better to decongest your eyes. The cold remains the most effective: a compress soaked in cold water, an ice cube under the eyes, metal spoons are solutions to reduce this tired look.

Come on, it's not complicated, we keep the good resolutions to make good habits and keep your good looks!

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