Who are we ?


I'm Mélissa, I was born in France

Like many others, I fell in love with the culture and wealth of South Korea during one of my trips to Seoul.

I discovered cosmetic products with original packaging that amused me a lot. I decided to bring some back with me.

My acne, always true to its post, always remained unmoved, regardless of the products and other treatments used. Imagine my joy when Korean innovation was (finally) able to save my hopeless case!

I worked for several years as an HR manager for major luxury brands in French leather goods, and today I have decided to combine my experience in luxury and my passion for skincare efficient.

It's not easy to navigate the hundreds of Korean brands.

How to combine efficiency and affordable prices?

This is how Lyssa Select was born and its goal: to offer you a personalized care experience for your skin, thanks to blends of natural brands. Each treatment is selected thanks to my team of professionals, international experts and myself, so that each of the routines can bring you the best for your skin.

Lyssa Select is your space dedicated to the well-being of the skin at the best of Korean "clean" beauty.


Behind Mélissa is a team commensurate with the project

Jean-Luc, professional in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry in Europe. He comes to bring 15 years of expertise and his network to ensure the quality of the products and their components.

Sami and Julien, based in Seoul, in charge of skincare monitoring to find the latest novelties. They bring their expertise as trend and product development consultants to big Korean names such as Amore Pacific, LG Health and CLIO.


The importance of naturalness

Don't you, like me, want to know what you're putting on your skin? That your favorite cosmetics are made with the environment in mind?

That's the case at Lyssa Select: I offer you a choice between natural, organic, vegan, halal products, and very important: not tested on animals.

No sulphates, parabens, silicones or other controversial, questionable and disruptive products around here.


Besides, it's effective!

Dermatologists work with Korean cosmetics laboratories to provide effective and safe solutions that meet our daily needs and constraints. Combination, dry, oily skin, pimples, redness, wrinkles, dull complexion... we find our solution and happiness with South Korean cosmetics.

For the curious, I invite you to read the blog where I detail each carefully selected brand.

We are based in France

The little extra in all this is to be based in France. I also select and store on site. Lyssa Select can therefore delivery to you, in France, within 48 hours.

Gestures for the planet

As you should never do things by halves, shipments will only be made with eco-responsible packaging:

  • Shipping boxes made from recycled, reusable and biodegradable materials
  • Organic corn starch filling
  • Scotch tape replaced by biodegradable adhesive kraft paper

And since nature is life, Lyssa Select is committed to planting trees around the world, each time products are imported into France, and thus offset our carbon footprint.

More details on the website of Reforest'Action