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Lyssa Select supports Reforest'ACTION

Our contributions to the planet

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We try to contribute at our level so as not to make the situation worse or at least offset our carbon footprint.

Of course, it will never be perfect. But every little gesture counts.

In parallel with our daily actions, we offer a catalog of natural products made with respect for natural resources (and not tested on animals of course!), shipments in recycled and recyclable boxes, biodegradable cushioning, paper tape, no unnecessary plastic or paper etc.

To offset the C02 emitted when importing cosmetic products from South Korea, we participate in several projects to restore and protect forests, ecosystems and biodiversity around the world.

How? Thanks to Reforest'ACTION!

Each of us can make a contribution to the climate up to the amount of our residual footprint. The objective is to finance an international solidarity project to avoid, or "store" carbon in reservoirs (for example forests).

We calculate the greenhouse gas emitted during import (in Kg) and Reforest'Action gives us the equivalent of CO2 corresponding to our footprint. They are then exchanged for carbon credits, in order to offer us the possibility of participating in projects.

Lyssa Select has already planted trees in France:

And participated in the projects:

  • RIMBA RAYA (Indonesia)

Project details: here

So you are doing a good deed by choosing your products at Lyssa Select 😁

Do you also want to offset your carbon footprint?

Lend your support on the: Reforest'Action site!

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