La Clean Beauty, c’est aussi des actions pour la planète

Clean Beauty is also actions for the planet

At Lyssa Select we believe that Clean Beauty is much more than healthy and environmentally friendly products! This is why it seemed important to me, and necessary, to do something to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible.

A "green" partnership

Lyssa Select is working with REFOREST'ACTION to reduce its carbon footprint. It is a French company certified “B Corporation”. To put it simply, Reforest'Action is one of the companies that have a positive impact on society and the environment. For this, it supports individuals and companies in their commitments to preserve the climate, biodiversity, health and employment. The main objective is to plant trees around the world, to offset CO2 emissions, fight against deforestation and improve the ecosystem in general.

How does it work?

The projects will be divided into 4:

  • The climate => according to numerous studies, it is estimated that a tree represents 150kg of CO2 stored over 30 years.
  • Biodiversity => yes, trees are home to animals. A study by IRSTEA indicates that 1 leafy tree provides on average 3 shelters for animals and 2.5 shelters for a resinous tree
  • Health: if we know that an adult consumes about 700g of oxygen per day, that a tree produces between 20 and 150kg of oxygen per year, 3 trees on average are necessary to cover the needs of a person on oxygen for a year. It is therefore estimated that 1 tree is 4 months of oxygen.
  • Employment: Afforestation and reforestation jobs are real job opportunities for building a green future (FAO article, 2009). On average, a person will work 1 hour on a tree for a year, in the case of a plot of 1000 trees/hectare. 5 million hectares planted annually can create between 4 and 5 million full-time jobs.

And Lyssa Select in all this?

Lyssa Select tries to minimize all non-environmentally friendly elements.

Import (sea or air)

Our carrier is able to send us the rate of CO2 emitted from South Korea to the premises in France. Thanks to Reforest'Action, Lyssa Select will be able to plant trees according to the rate of C02 emitted, with each import, in order to offset its carbon credit.


Selected treatments

The brands offered by Lyssa Select all have one thing in common: clean beauty. Certified EWG (Green), the composition of these products makes the difference with the products found on the market: organic, natural ingredients, not tested on animals, and not from polluting or environmentally destructive crops. . We already ensure reliability with products that are good for health and good for the environment. Some of these brands, like The Vegan Glow, will even play on their recycled packaging.

The Vegan Glow is here!


The packaging

Plastic isn't fantastic. Thanks to PackHelp, the shipping boxes are certified eco-responsible. Made from recycled materials, they are reusable and biodegradable. Their production or destruction represents a low impact on the environment.
To replace the tape, we only select kraft adhesive tape to close your parcels (composed of biosourced materials, natural glue, silicone-free).
We add in each package a small personalized cardboard card, to thank you, written with love and vegetable ink.
Finally, to prevent your favorite products from being damaged during delivery, the cushioning is certified 100% natural and biodegradable, made of corn starch. So cool, when you receive your order, you can get rid of the wedging flakes by putting them in the bins intended for green waste or even put them in a compost!

These few actions to protect our beautiful planet will not stop there. Thanks to you, Lyssa Select will be able to develop and implement more and more good eco-responsible actions.

All this convinced me! I'll get my products here!

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