7 raisons de passer à la beauté naturelle !

7 reasons to switch to natural beauty!

We like it or we don't, but we can't deny that there are many reasons to switch to natural and organic cosmetics! Yes Yes. These arguments may convince you.

1. Our health is preserved

Natural beauty products are free of toxic ingredients such as parabens, silicones, sulfates, aluminum salts or other carcinogenic and endocrine disrupting components. So there is no risk of compromising your health! With traditional cosmetics, you have to be vigilant about the composition of the products in order to avoid harmful or irritating ingredients. With natural and organic, it's one less expense.


2. It's better for our planet

Natural beauty products rhyme with ecology. The production methods are designed to be as harmonious as possible with the environment, thanks to regular and strict cultivation and controls. The substances used are biodegradable, little or not transformed therefore preserve the planet. Most often, the packaging is worked in such a way as to be easily recycled and contributes to the reduction of waste.


3. Prices are more affordable

And yes, it is accessible to everyone. Simple packaging, no expensive chemical ingredients help reduce costs.


4. Spoiled for choice

Several brands compete to offer the best natural, organic, even vegan products, and each has its own ethics, identity, specificity. There is a wide choice of cosmetics for all skin types or all needs, and of course, all as effective as traditional cosmetics!


5. Organic and EWG products for all skin types: no more problems!

Without synthetic fragrances, irritants or allergens, or other substances that clog pores, natural care is much better for the skin. For more capricious skin, they may be an effective solution thanks to the benefits of natural ingredients (vegetable oils, Aloe Vera, Tiger Grass, etc.). If you have already tried everything in traditional skincare, going natural can save you. The advantage: the products are suitable for all skin types: normal, oily, dry, acne-prone, sensitive…


6. Pleasant smells and textures

Let's put an end to the clichés, natural cosmetics have evolved and progressed a lot. Today the textures and smells are pleasant and easy to use. There is also elaborate and aesthetic packaging to appreciate the content.


7. They are not tested on animals

Another good reason to switch to natural and organic cosmetics! For the sake of continuous improvement, and unlike traditional cosmetics, the products are not tested on animals. Do not panic, the tests are very strict and very controlled before being put on the market. There are no natural cosmetics with components of animal origin, with a few exceptions if the ingredients are produced naturally by the animal (honey, propolis, milk, snail slime extract). For those most sensitive to the animal cause, there are now 100% vegan products.

Convinced? When you start switching to natural beauty products, you rarely go back. The hardest part is taking the leap!

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