5 conseils d'or pour adapter votre routine beauté à l’hiver !

5 golden tips to adapt your beauty routine to winter!

Winter is the perfect season to see your skin lose its "glow" and suffer the onslaught of the cold. So we have five tips to keep your skin looking its best!

1. YES to sunscreen!

If you use sunscreen, keep using it! Contrary to popular belief, there is no season to use it. And it is absolutely necessary if you want to prevent wrinkles and age spots.

If UVB (responsible for sunburn) decreases during the winter, this is not the case with UVA, which penetrates your skin barrier and causes premature aging of your skin.


2. Take out your creams and balms

Your skin needs moisturizing as much as it needs protection in winter. This is why the “vehicle” driving your moisturizer into the skin is important. If in summer lotions and gels are excellent options, in winter we prefer creams and ointments are essential

The latter not only promote better hydration by delaying transepidermal water loss.

In summary, the water contained in the dermis reaches the epidermis before evaporating. Hence the importance of creams and balms with occlusion properties allow them to form a protective film on your skin which considerably slows down the phenomenon.


3. Choose the ingredients of your treatments carefully

Did you know that there are four major families of moisturizers? Humectant, emollient, occlusive and rejuvenating.

In winter, prefer emollient and occlusive ingredients to keep water in your cells. This will help you maintain well-hydrated skin and a radiant complexion.


4. Stay away from irritating ingredients

The so-called irritating ingredients are those that have a very active action on the skin. For example, retinol skincare and chemical exfoliants fall into this category. In winter, they will make your skin more sensitive and can accelerate the appearance of redness and skin dryness.

Dermatologists generally recommend reducing the frequency or dosage at which you use these products, or even doing without them completely in the winter if you notice redness or dryness.


5. Use a humidifier

Dermatological studies have proven that being in a very dry environment can affect your skin within 30 minutes.

If you spend your days at work or at home. It is good to have a humidifier if the air in your room is dry. This prevents the appearance of wrinkles and skin dryness.


BONUS: Avoid showers that are too hot!

There is nothing more pleasant than a good hot shower in winter to warm up in the morning or in the evening. And yet this simple gesture can be problematic.

To illustrate our point, you will agree that it is easier to clean the dishes in hot water to remove the grease on them.

Well, it's the same for your skin, except that it's the lipid barrier that protects your epidermis and your dermis and keeps your cells hydrated. A hot shower or bath will expose your skin and promote dry skin.

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